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Oh yah, I was in Minnesota this past weekend.

I made you this.

Use it wisely.

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War Paint is out today

This looks like a great book!

Originally posted by kylecassidy at War Paint is out today
Happy Memorial Day. My book, War Paint: Tattoo Culture and the Armed Forces is out today. You can buy it from Amazon (pay no mind to that "4 to 6 weeks" - it's shipping now) or look for it in your local bookstore (special prize to the first person to send me a photo of it "in the wild").

A few years back I found myself looking at one of those ribbons on the back of a car that said "support our troops" and wondered what I could do to actually "support our troops" rather than just putting a magnet on my car. Soon after I met a WWII veteran with a tattoo of a paratrooper on his arm and I asked him about it. For the next two hours he told me about parachuting into France on D-Day, being wounded at the Battle of the Bulge, getting tattooed in Scotland while drunk -- I realized that nobody had asked him about it before and that we were losing these stories, so many of which had a significance so personal you may not be able to tell just looking at them, you had to ask.

War Paint is a collection of portraits and stories, there are also closeups of tattoos if you're interested in closeups of tattoos.

Click to read Nick's story

Thanks to everybody in uniform and especially the people overseas away from their families, in harms way, whether in uniform or not. Come home safe. And thanks to my publisher, Schiffer Books who saw something here. Happy Memorial Day.

And, in case you missed it, here's the talk I did at Franklin & Marshall college on War Paint. There's a long wonderfully flattering introduction, student Ann Leffel talks briefly about her tattoo photography project and I start about 12 minutes in. And I do answer the question "why should you thank a soldier if you're against the war?" which is something someone brought up here a few weeks ago.

Stories in Ink: Capturing the Art of Tattoos from Franklin & Marshall College on Vimeo.

I'd love it if you'd share with your friends.

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This time last year ...

(Cross-posted from lilactoventoux)

... I had just reached the summit of Mont Ventoux. (You can read about that ride here.) Thanks to my lovely supporters, I managed to raise almost 1000 pounds for the Alzheimer's Research Trust in the UK.

For reasons too long and navel-gazy to go into, there is no bike challenge for me this Wear the Lilac Day. However I do plan to do something next year which quite frankly scares the living daylights out of me: I want to ride the whole route of the Amstel Gold Race in a single day. Once again, I'll be doing it to raise funds for Alzheimer's research, in memory of my Grandpa, and in honour of Sir Terry Pratchett.

I would like to make this an annual event (oops, I said that last year, didn't I?), so there'll be a name change (Bike Lilac) and I hope to launch a new website soon.

And now, I'm going to press send before I chicken out. Enjoy the rest of the 25th of May, and please do consider donating to your local Alzheimer's research organisation.

Thanks for reading. xx

Livejournal, come on.

Originally posted by greygirlbeast at Livejournal, come on.
I have never actually used the LJ "scrapbook" feature, but I figured a lot of you might (Spooky does), so I'm reposting this. Note that LJ could not be fucking bothered to offer an English translation of the Russian announcement:

Originally posted by cupcake_goth at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by maschalismos at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by kita0610 at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by boosette at Livejournal, come on.
Point of reference, this is IMO something I think is worth getting upset over, rather than silly design changes.

Originally posted by marguerite_26 at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by jennybliss at Livejournal, come on.
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Originally posted by zeitgeistic at Livejournal, come on.
Alright, I am not drunk enough to deal with this, so I'm just going to put out this PSA:

Livejournal Scrapbook is going away. Your 10GB of Paid Member space is now 2GB. If you care, there is an explanation in Russian on the Russian news page. There's also a user-submitted translation.

+ You will no longer have access to your Scrapbook once this goes live.
+ Your images will redirect, but the URL will be different.
+ Unable to tell what will happen to any photos you have that put you over the 2GB limit.
+ Back up your Scrapbook just in case.
+ If you want your photos transferred over now instead of waiting, let them know here.

Originally posted by punktortoise at For Aussies - House of Reps marriage equality survey - IMPORTANT
Originally posted by gillpolack at For Aussies - House of Reps marriage equality survey - IMPORTANT
Originally posted by drjon at House of Reps marriage equality survey
This one should be shared far and wide: the House of Representatives has a very short, very simple survey about marriage equality, ie, should we have it? Word is that it's so far been spammed by naysayers, so it would be cool if that could be turned around. The survey is here: (snarfed from lizbee)

Originally posted by kylecassidy at Exploratory Committee
So, ever since the Fabulous Lorraine started talking about Roller Derby a year and a half or so ago I'd been thinking that I wanted to do a series of portraits. It's one of those dozens of ideas that you have in the back of your head and it gets kicked around a while and sometimes it bubbles to the surface and you think oh yeah, that would be cool. I got a chance to see it in action a few months back and this solidified the idea. I find the sport exciting, and it's positive message of women helping women to be unique and beautiful in a world where competition usually means winning or nothing.

In any event, I've formed an exploratory committee to see if Roller Derby portraits could turn into my next book-lenth project. My documentary work is all about subcultures and context which is sometimes putting people in their context (Gun owners in Their Homes, or Writers in their creative spaces) and sometimes it's taking them out of a noisy context like studio portraits of protester. Portraits of athletes appeals to me in a way that sports photos don't -- because you're focused on the person, not the action, the player not the point and I can't really think of a sport where individual style comes through more than in roller derby.

When I was out in Arizona I photographed some of the Tucson Roller girls who also introduced me to Axle Adams who photographed the derby book No Mercy: Life on the Roller Derby Track. Axle & I are label-mates and I'd seen his book at my publisher's picnic this summer where everybody was cooing about it in an upstairs room. I sent him a letter back in September saying how much I liked it. It was wonderful to meet him and talk about photography.

In any event, my derby project. Here's how you can help -- are you on a derby team? especially in the New York / Pennsylvania / Baltimore / DC area? Drop me a line. Is there something I should know about? A book of derby portraits? A gallery show in your fair city? A great photographer I should check out? Drop me a line. You can also forward this around to your friends or people you know who play derby.

Metal Maiden, Copper Queens Roller Derby

Dewey Decimatrix, Furious Truckstop Waitresses

Bea N. Hayve of the Furious Truckstop Waitresses jumps the Copper Queens's Mystery Meat

Take a big step today, make plans for something spectacular.

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THEM! (omg amazing)

Originally posted by kylecassidy at THEM!
Back from Arizona -- long long week, so much done, fun, but good to be home. There's some big news soon but I need to settle in first.

Here's a desert leafcutter ant from Kate McKinnon's driveway. I photographed the same colony last year -- they're still moving the same mesquite bush across the driveway and into their nest. More about them too later, but I'm tired.

Clickenzee to Embiggen to Wallpaper Size!

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So good to see this! :D

Originally posted by kylecassidy at post
Clark feels better.

He had surgery and they removed two pieces of corroded metal from his stomach which he likely ingested while trying to eat food attached to it. He can stand on his own now and enjoys people and mealtimes.

The best way you can help Clark or cats like him is by fostering or adopting. City Kitties is currently filled to capacity and in desperate need of foster homes -- people who can care for a cat for a minimum of three months (six months preferred) City Kitties pays all the vet bills. Their foster link is here. There are many cats with stories just as sad as Clark's who are looking for a person who will be kind to them.

Click to donate.

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Dec. 1st, 2011

Want to get even with the Salvation Army
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